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Jakarta, 15 March 2023

Hotel Luwansa, Ballroom B



Evaluation of 25 Years of the Reformation Era & Agenda for 25 Years of Indonesia in the Future




In 2024, Indonesia will enter the 25th year of the Reformation Era. The Era was born in 1998 as a response to various fundamental problems of the nation which culminated in the economic, financial, social and political crises in the late 1990s.


25 years have passed, have the problems been resolved? 

When evaluating the 25 years of the Era, we are simultaneously looking at the next 25 years. We are then faced with several key questions:

  • How to transform the country’s more than 270 million people into our greatest asset?

  • How can our education and workforce development meet the challenges of Indonesia in the next 25 years?

  • What are the qualities of national and regional leadership needed in building Indonesia's human capital?

  • How to finance Indonesia's human capital development?

  • How to tap into and manage the global talents of Indonesia for the country’s overall benefits?


This Forum will discuss and explore the answers to the questions.


The FUTURE Forum is free of charge. Click the following link for registration:


The Indonesia Future Forum (IFF) is an independent, non-governmental, non-political, non-partisan, and non-profit forum that discusses and provides direction and answers to the Indonesia's future fundamental challenges.  Fields of coverage include social, economic, financial, business, political, and cultural issues, both in regional, national and global contexts.

Held twice a year, IFF is targeted to become a national forum for regional and national leaders of Indonesia to discuss and find solutions to Indonesia's fundamental and strategic challenges.

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