Regional, City, and Regency Development

  • Using successful regional and city and community developments in the United States as models, we assist provincial, regency, and city governments of Indonesia in formulating, monitoring, and evaluating their strategic development plans.

  • Offer training programs and field study on regional and community development to Indonesia’s provincial, regency, and city government officials in top American universities such as University of California Irvine, University of California Los Angeles.

  • Help facilitate bilateral meetings and potential cooperation between provincial, regency, and city governments of Indonesia with their American counterparts.

  • Assist provincial, regency, and city governments of Indonesia in attracting investments to support their development programs as outlined in their strategic development plans.

Business, Market, and Policy Advisory

Whether you plan to enter or expand your market/business presence in Indonesia or the United States, we offer the followings:

  • Informative and up–to–date analysis of macroeconomic of Indonesia/the United States.

  • Analysis of market/business/industry of Indonesia/United States.

  • Insights on the government policies and regulations on business, export, imports, and foreign investments in Indonesia and United States

  • Analysis of market and economic potential of cities, provinces/states, and regencies/counties of Indonesia and the United States.


Educational Consulting & Training

Whether you plan to take professional short program or formal degree in the United States, we are here to assist you. We offer the followings:

  • With cooperation with top American universities, assist Indonesian professionals who want to pursue their professional and customized trainings in the United States.

  • Through a comprehensive program, assist Indonesian professionals s who plan to pursue their undergraduate or graduate education in the United States.

  • Provide comprehensive advice and consultation to prospective Indonesian students on the choices of universities/colleges, regions, states, and cities for their tertiary education.

  • Provide advice on job prospect and immigration laws in the United States.

  • Assist prospective Indonesian students during their transition in the United States.