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Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) II

REDS II ran from September 16 to 26, 2017 with its emphasis on local small and medium-scale business development and how the synergy of regional/local governments with higher learning institutions and business sector promote farming and businesses. The classroom meetings were held at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Among the site visits, which was intended as an opportunity to learn how the synergy of the three aforementioned entities help business and family farms, included Schletewitz’s Family Farms in Fresno and the Lindcove Research and Extension Center in Exeter, which both are located in Central Valley, California.


The Lindcove Research and Extension Center fosters research, education and outreach programs focused primarily on the citrus crop, but also has projects on avocado, olive and pomegranate. This can serve as an excellent model of collaboration between  higher learning institutions and businesses in supporting agriculture sector. 
Just like REDS I, REDS II was viewed a success by the participants. Here are the reviews of the participants.

What do they say about REDS II? 

"The REDS program is very valuable because it combines classroom discussion and site visits and it is very helpful for our future regional planning."

SURUNUDDIN DANGGA, South Konawe Regent

"Highly systemized vertical collaborations among federal, state and local governments as well as horizontal collaborations among governments, universities, businesses, and communities are best practices that can be learned from America. I am very satisfied with this INADATA’s REDS program, because the multi-stakeholder collaborative approaches in promoting regional economic development can comprehensively be learned from its good sources directly.”

SUKANTO TODING, Head of Research and Development Agency, Southeast Sulawesi Province

"Refresh, recharge, refocus, and reformulate are indeed the right thing as described in the REDS program. Classroom courses and field trips are well organized. Exceptional speakers with excellent ability and experience ... .INADATA organizes this event very well/professionally ..."

SYARIFAH SOFIAH DWIKORAWATI, Head of Research, Planning, and Development Agency of Bogor Regency

"This REDS program is very important to be implemented in Indonesia which currently requires changes in the government sector, businesses, individuals, and communities."

SUDARMANTO, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ANTAM, Inc. (publicly traded).

"This program is really beneficial for local governments in the current era of regional autonomy. We are really invited to refresh and recognize various things that are done in developed countries and then provided the time for discussion and evaluation of what we could do in our region given its all limitations and problems ...."

ICHSAN POROSI, Head of Spatial Planning and Public Works, South Konawe Regency

"The INADATA's REDS program is very useful with a complete study package plus competent speakers both in class and in the field study. In addition, it opens our eyes and minds to see things from other angles so as to provide new insights and inspirations for the development of our region."

YOHANA PALILING, Head of Agricultural Service, Mimika Regency

"The course is amazingly interesting because we can learn the success of the state of California and what strategic steps that can be designed and implemented in Indonesia. The INADATA team looks very professional and understands the needs of participants from different parts of Indonesia."

ANDI MAKKAWARU JASSIN, Secretary of the Head of Mining Service , Southeast Sulawesi Province

5 (Five) Important Lessons Learned by the Participants 
  1. The importance of data and research driven strategic planning and policy to successful local and regional economic development.
  2. The greater authority of local and regional governments in managing strategic assets for their economic development. 
  3. The urgency of well-planned work force development to meet the demand of local and regional economic development.
  4. Well-established public facilities and community centers are integral components of local and regional development.
  5. Well developed partnership between public and private sector in research and development at sub-national level are central to successful local and regional economic development.
With Ms. Somjita Mitra, PhD, Director of the Institute for Applied Economics of LAEDC who gave a session on “Regional Economic Planning and Institutional Partnership: Learning from Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation." at UCLA. 
Mr. Surunuddin Dangga, Regent of South Konawe presented South Konawe's Medium-Term Development Plan and his lesson learned from REDS II Program at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco. 
With Beth Grafton-Cardwell, Ph.D., Director of Lindcove Research and Extension Center who gave a session on “A Case Study of Synergy of Local Government, Businesses, and Higher Learning Institutions in Promoting Agriculture Products In California."
Mr. Sudarmanto, Vice President of ANTAM, Inc., presented ANTAM's CSR Program and his lesson learned from REDS II Program at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco. 
REDS 2 at UCLA 1.jpg
At University of California Los Angles (UCLA) where the classroom component of the Program took place.
The concluding remarks at the closing of the classroom Program at UCLA.
At Placentia Civic Center and Public Library in Orange County to kick off the Program.
At the Farm in Salinas, Central Valley California. Central Valley is the biggest producer of vegetables in the entire United States.
Ms. Syarifah Sofiah Dwikorawati, the head of Development Planning Agency of Bogor Regency, presented Bogor's Medium-Term Development Plan at Hyatt Regency, San Francisco. 
Session on “The Role of Local/City Government in Managing a Large-Scale and Strategic Sector: A Case Study of Port of Los Angeles.” Speaker was Ms. Dina Aryan-Zahlan, Assistant Chief Harbor Engineer at Port of Los Angeles.
Touring Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, two of the biggest Ports in the United States. 
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