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Our Programs

RUDS1 pics1.jpg
Session on "Workforce Development" by Dr. Glenn Roquemore at UC Irvine
Session “Career Technical Education & Community College as the Backbone of Competitive Regional and Local Economies” by Professor Glenn Roquemore, Ph.D., President of Irvine Valley College.
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Session on "Regional Collaboration for Economic Development" by Professor Jae Hong Kim.
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Session on "Tips and Strategies to Develop Local Business and Economy" (Kaytlin Nguyen, Manager of Economic Development, City of Irvine; Linda DiMario, Executive Vice-President of the Greater Irvine Chamber of Commerce).
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Mr. Marthen Paiding, Secretary of Mimika Regency shared his experience and lesson learned from RUDS I at Hotel Adagio, San Francisco, California. 
RUDS1 pics7.jpg
Mr. Darmin Sigilipu, Regent of Poso shared his experience and lesson learned from RUDS I at Hotel Adagio, San Francisco, California. 
RUDS1 pics4.jpg
Mr. Longki Djanggalo, Governor of Central Sulawesi shared his experience and lesson learned from RUDS I at the Closing Program. 
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Regional & Urban Development Strategy (RUDS) I

RUDS I ran from March 2 to 10, 2019 with 16 leaders as participants. A notable participant is Mr. Longki Djanggalo who is the governor of Central Sulawesi Province and also the Chairman of Indonesia's Governors Association. Remarkably, Mr. Djanggalo who is in his second terms as governor actively and enthusiastically participated in all sessions of the program. The program focused on the strategy and coordination among stakeholders in promoting local/regional business, labor force, and community development. The classroom meetings and discussions were held at University of California Irvine. Among the site visits were Irvine Business Center, Orange County Great Park, Port of Long Beach, and the agriculture in Monterey County.


What do they say about RUDS I? 

The participants were asked to evaluate their experiences in the Program. Below are the testimonials of some of the participants.

"Quite satisfying, participants get new lessons/theories. Since participants are generally from sub-national governments, they indeed need to have more comparative studies in developing their regional/local economy.”

LONGKI DJANGGALO, Governor of Central Sulawesi, Chairman of Indonesia’s Governors Association.


"This program needs to be continued in order to reach out other regional heads as regional development policy makers, specifically in helping them in devising their local economic development strategy. This program is needed for all regional policy makers at the level of Governors, Regents, and legislative members."

MARTHEN PAIDING, Secretary of Mimika Regency.            


"We learned a lot of new things and gain knowledge from this Program. The management of the program by INADATA is very professional. The material can be expanded according to the needs of regional governments who participated in this Program, for example the economic development strategy of a mining area."

RICHARD DJANGGOLA, Head of Economic Bureau of Central Sulawesi Province.


"I agree with the topics discussed and can be applied in various regions (regencies and cities) in Indonesia. It is better if INADATA invites first regencies/cities to have a pre-program in Indonesia. In that pre-program, topics will be proposed and discussed first and participants will select an common topics applied to all participants. For example, topic such as how to accelerate development in a region with  very diverse regencies in terms of economic achievement is especially important."

ACHMAD ZAINI, Secretary of Sidoarjo Regency.


"First experience and I was very enthusiastic. This Program refreshed me after a few years of not studying on campus. Overall it is appropriate both the classroom discussion and field study. Regions are essentially implementers of the programs that have been regulated by the Central government. There are so many good things learned in this Program that cannot easily be implemented."

IDA WAHYUNI, Head of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperation Department of Mimika Regency


"I have taken this program two times. From the experience of reviewing the location and the materials we received in class, I can say that:

1. The material delivered by competent presenters is very helpful for us to understand in development in the area (Think Globally Act Locally).

2. The field study greatly enriches our understanding of a systematic, structured, and consistent development."

SIMON MOTE, Head of Development Agency of Mimika Regency.

RUDS1 pics 6.jpg
At the agriculture in Monterey Valley in Northern California.
RUDS1 pics8.jpg
The last lunch together in San Francisco before the delegation returned to Indonesia.
RUDS1 pics12.jpg
Some of the delegation participants at Orange County Great Park.
RUDS1 pics13.jpg
At the Port of Long Beach after a 90-minute tour of the Port.
The delegation at University of California Irvine.
RUDS1 pics3.jpg
The delegation at the closing program.
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