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RUDS 2 UCI 2.jpg
Session on "PPP and Policy-Decision Making " by Dr. Somjita Mitra from Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation at UC Irvine
Session “Career Technical Education & Community College as the Backbone of Competitive Regional and Local Economies” by Professor Glenn Roquemore, Ph.D., President of Irvine Valley College.
RUDS 2 UCI 1.jpg
Session on "PPP and Workforce Development" by Dr. Glenn Roquomore, President of Irvine Valley College at UC Irvine.
RUDS 2 UCI 3.jpg
Session on "PPP and Community Development" by Kaytlin Nguyen, Manager of Economic Development, City of Irvine at UC Irvine. 
RUDS 2 UCI 4.jpg
Session on "Public Recreational Facilities and Economic Development" by Dr. Elwin Tobing, President of INADATA Consulting, LLC. at UC Irvine.
RUDS 2 Salinas1.jpg
Regional & Urban Development Strategy (RUDS) II

RUDS II ran from July 6 to 14, 2019 with 15 leaders and legislators as participants. Among the participants are Mrs. Septina Primawati, the Speaker of Riau Legislative Council, Mr. Sunaryo (Deputy Speaker), and Mr. Kordias (Deputy Speaker).  The program focused on the developing public and private partnership in three key areas of development: workforce development, research-based policy decision making, and community development. The classroom meetings and discussions were held at University of California Irvine. Among the site visits were South Coast Community College, Orange County Great Park, Port of Long Beach, and the agriculture in Salinas

What do they say about RUDS II? 

The participants were asked to evaluate their experiences in the Program. Below are the testimonials of some of the participants.

“We will recommend this program to friends from both Provincial and District/City councils so they can participate in this program (in the future).”

Septiani Primawati, Chair of the Riau Legislative Council.


"The program is quite good as comparison study with our region in Indonesia.”

Sunaryo, Deputy Chairperson of Riau Legislative Council.


“It's been very good, especially the experience of the agriculture field study.”

Kordias, Deputy Chairperson of Riau Legislative Council.


“A very good program, and needs to be followed by planning makers and decision makers in every region in Indonesia.”

Said Ismail, member of the Riau Legislative Council.

“The facilities are ok, the instructors are competent, the places to visit are also the best. We are grateful to be able to learn directly in the best place with the best experts.”

Karmila Sari, member of the Riau Legislative Council.


Agus Triansyah, member of the Riau DPRD.

“Many places we visited can be references for the strategic development planning of Indonesia.”


Firdaus, member of the Riau Legislative Council.

“Thank you for all the facilities, knowledge, experience and information that has been given.”


“I am very happy to take part in this program, because theory and field practice I learned in this program are in line with my assignment in my regional government. The most interesting is the recommended strategies are all based on data and results of research.”

Edy Budi Susilo, Head of Education Department of Jember Regency.


"This program is very bold and contains meaningful lessons that will be useful as a guidance/direction in planning our regional development programs.”

Syamsurizal, member of the Riau Legislative Council.


“Only 6 letters: MANTAB (Excellent).”

Danang Andriasmara, Head of the Department of Industry and Trade of Jember Regency.


“I strongly agree with the program. We can see and feel the results of strategic urban development in California, which is good if it is adopted for the advancement of Indonesia in the future.”

Ramos Sianturi, member of the Riau Legislative Council.


“Experience that is very valuable for us to be implemented in our respective regions, especially technological advancements and developed communities such as the ones in USA.”

Erizal Muluk, member of the Riau Legislative Council.


"Personally, I really like this program because besides we get the knowledge (in class), we also get an explanation regarding the areas visited so that we know more specifically about the areas/cities/states visited.”

Yefrizal, staff secretary of the Riau DPRD Council.


“My experience in joining this program is very impressive. This is the first time I join this kind of program.”

Mirza Noor, member of the Riau Legislative Council.


“Easy to absorb and can be used as inputs in the decision-making process.”

Budi Prasetyo, Special Staff of the Minister of Home Affairs.


“The experience that I got in this program can be a reference for developing regional economy and human resources. This program can also give aspirations for regional governments in Indonesia to develop their regions to become more advanced.”

Abdul Malik Akmal, an businessman from Jember.

Delegation at the Farm in Salinas, the biggest producer of vegetables in the United States. 
RUDS 2 Salinas2.jpg
A farmer explained a modern irrigation and fertilizing system in Salinas that can save time and use the water much more efficiently.
RUDS 2 Welcome1.jpg
At the welcome reception with the INDONESIAN DREAM book. After all, it's the desire of the delegation to develop their respective regions in order to build a just, united , and knowledgeable Indonesia, which is INDONESIAN DREAM.
RUDS 2 Welcome2.jpg
Mrs. Septina Primawati, the Speaker of Riau Legislative Council gave her speech in the Welcome event at Hilton Embassy Suites Brea, Southern California.
RUDS 2 UCI 5.jpg
The delegation showed keen interest in the topic being discussed at UC Irvine while they were fighting a terrible jet-lag. Coffee in the back was always ready.
The delegation aboard the tour boat during the tour to the Port of Long Beach. Port of Long Beach is the second largest port in the United States and it is managed by the City of Long Beach.
RUDS 2 Closing2.jpg
The participants after they deservedly received their certificates at UC Irvine.
RUDS 2 TCP.jpg
Some of the participants enjoyed morning jogging and walking at the Tri-City Park in Placentia, Orange County, Southern California. 
RUDS 2 Closing3.jpg
The delegation at the closing ceremony of the overall program at Westin Hotel in San Francisco. 
RUDS 2 Closing4.jpg
Mr. Budi Prasetyo, the special staff to Indonesia's Ministry of Home Affairs, gave his closing remarks. Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia is organizing RUDS Program along with INADATA Consulting, LLC. and other host universities int he U.S.
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