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Our Programs

First session at UC Irvine "Research to Inform Workforce Development: A Case Study of LAEDC".
With the speaker for the first session at UC Irvine, Director of Workforce Development at LAEDC.
Second session at UC Irvine "The System of Higher Learning Institutions and Workforce Development: A Study Case of California" by Elwin Tobing, Ph.D., President of INADATA Consulting, LLC. 
Participants of the second session at UC Irvine "The System of Higher Learning Institutions and Workforce Development: A Study Case of California" were interested in learning how the system of higher learning institutions supports the workforce, business, and economic development in California. 
Third session at UC Irvine "Initiatives and Institutional Development in Promoting Workforce Development: California Experience" by Terri Horton, Ph.D., Human Capital Consultant.  
Participants of the third session at UC Irvine "Initiatives and Institutional Development in Promoting Workforce Development: California Experience" were interested in learning policies and programs in promoting workforce development, including in anticipating the effect of automation in Industry 4.0, in California.
With the speaker for the third session at UC Irvine, Terri Horton, Ph.D., Human Capital Consultant. 
Fourth session at UC Irvine "Local and Business Development: Public Sector Incentives and Initiatives" by Stuart Strother, Ph.D., Professor of Economics at Azusa Pacific University and Head of Regional and Urban Development of INADATA Consulting, LLC. 
Participants of the fourth session at UC Irvine "Local and Business Development: Public Sector Incentives and Initiatives" were discussing enthusiastically about initiatives to promote local business. 
Closing session at UC Irvine "Conclusions and Lessons Learned for Regional and Urban Development in Indonesia. 
Participants with the Program Certificates from UC Irvine.  
Evaluation and Closing of the Program in San Francisco.
Regional & Urban Development Strategy (RUDS) VI

RUDS VI ran from November 15 to 24, 2019 with 15 leaders and legislators as participants.  The program focused on best practices on local business and workforce development. The classroom meetings and discussions were held at University of California Irvine. 

During the Welcoming Session "INSIDE INDONESIA" at Hotel Irvine. Sharing about the challenges and opportunities of regional and urban development in Indonesia. 
What do they say about RUDS VI? 


The participants were asked to evaluate their experiences in the Program. Below are the testimonials of the participants.

Ermaya Suradinata, Special Staff to Ministry of Home Affairs

"This Program should be taken by all Regents/Vice-Regents and Mayors/Vice Mayors as well as the chairs and members of Local Councils throughout Indonesia in a gradual and continuous manner."


Bambang Arwanto, Kutai Kertanegara (Head of Investment Agency)

"Through this excellent program I learned the concepts and practices of regional economic development in the United States and then sees its application in agriculture, high-tech industry and workforce development directly. It provides best practices for implementation at the local economies in Indonesia. Really an excellent program."


Gregory Tennes, Mahakam Ulu (Head of Finance and Budget Agency)

"In brief, the materials presented were very interesting and up to date with development issues in Indonesia, especially in Regencies and Cities in Indonesia. Maybe for future implementation it could also include topics such as financial management and budgeting and how local governments in the United States manage their assets."


Weny, Member of Council of Mahakam Ulu Regency

"This Program is very positive and very useful for the development of our economy. The program is very good. Next agenda is the coordination with the regional heads so that they can implement the lessons learned in their respective districts."


Novita Bulan, Speaker of Council of Mahakam Ulu Regency

"Very appreciative and proud to be able to take part in this extraordinary program. From all of my experiences in participating in various capacity building programs at overseas, honestly this is the program that is managed and presented seriously that are in line with my expectations."


Syarfi Hutauruk, Mayor of Sibolga

"Workshop like this is very necessary. I would suggest field trips to fishing areas and small industrial areas are also made."

Markus, Regent of West Bangka

"Learning/discussion in class is very interactive. The field study is very interesting."


Boniface Belawan Geh, Regent of Mahakam Ulu

"This program needs to be continued to cover other aspects of development. Also, the program is expanded to meet more specific characters of regency and province in Indonesia."


Nikson Nababan, Regent of North Tapanuli

"Through this Program I can have many experiences seeing development in the United States more clearly, especially in the fields of education, agriculture and business."


Antony Lee, Political Editor of Kompas Daily

"The topics chosen are very relevant. Selected speakers are also competent. The fact that the workshops conducted on campus made participants more enthusiastic. Recommendations from this Program should be followed up and adjusted to the conditions of the respective regions."


Yovita Bulan, Head of Family Welfare Affairs of Mahakam Ulu Regency

"By joining this program, there were many lessons that I learned both in-class materials and also the field study. This Program must be continued so that other regions in Indonesia can learn the lessons as well."


Ade Mulya, Producer of “The Nation” Program of MetroTV

"The parts that impressed me most were the study sessions in the campus. Public policy and development theories discussed were very useful. Regents and mayors in Indonesia need to have and understand best concepts and practices of development to help them in their policy making."


Stephanus Madang, Head of Development Agency of Mahakam Ulu Regency

"This program is very good. A lot of new knowledge adds insight into policy making. The Program emphasizes the importance of accurate data and information as the basis for formulating policies/programs."


Agustina Kelawing Bayau, Member of Council of Mahakam Ulu Regency

"It is very good to learn about time discipline. The materials delivered are very good and the translation can convey them well. Overall, the Program is very good and satisfying."


Fransiskus Kuleh, Mahakam Ulu (Assistant to the Regent).

"The experiences learned from this Program are very good for the local policy makers. Hopefully, they can apply the lessons in their respective regions.

ties/states visited."

Participants toured the Port of Long Beach, second largest port in the United States, with a boat. You can hardly see people working on that tour, computers and automation have taken over many routine jobs at the Port. 
Participants toured Eric's Farm in Sanger, Northern California and learned about family farming in California in a session titled "The Life and the Business of a Small Family Farm in the United States: Lessons for the Development of Agriculture in Indonesia."
Participants at Cerritos Public Library, voted several years as one of the 10 best public libraries in California. Public libraries are the heart and center of public learning activities in the United States. 
Picking up parsimmon at Eric's Farm. 
Participants at Stanford University in Palo Alto. Elwin Tobing from INADATA Consulting explained the role of Stanford University in help developing Silicon Valley, the technology hub of the world. 
Picking up grapes at Eric's Farm. 
Participants at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Silicon Valley. Prof. Ermaya from Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia was interviewed by MetroTV.  
Mr. Ade Mulya from MetroTV News and Mr. Anthony Lee from Kompas daily, the most reputable TV New station and print media in Indonesia.
IVC 2-2.jpg
Participants at Orange Coast Community College in Costa Mesa to learn about the role of community college in preparing workforce in California and United States.  
Participants enjoyed the beautiful Sausalito, Northern California. 
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